Technical Specifications

The only Luggage and the only Backpack that is also a:
chair / drink cooler / rolling billboard
and fits everyone, child or adult.

Very Light. The MetroWild™ weighs only 4.0 pounds (1.8 kg)... less than 5 cans of coke. MetroWild is the world's lightest hard-side carry-on wheeled luggage (22x14x9 inches) - and the only luggage that is also an instant chair to sit on! And a rugged wilderness backpack. You have a full 30 liter capacity box with no humps and bumps inside. You can slide the lid up to add 6 more liters room inside and hold a 2 foot tall item. Under the lid is a snap-top plastic box attached with velcro. You have fast access to snacks, travel documents, chargers, etc. MetroWild is the only travel case you can roll out of the airport, pop off the wheel kit, strap on the Hook Belt and head off into the wilderness. The MetroWild™ corocase is totally rainproof... leave it out in a storm and nothing gets wet.

Versatile Aluminum Frame & Dolly. The telescoping aluminum frame weighs a crazy light 18 ounces. It is epoxy bonded... no welding to weaken the joints. You can use it without the CoroCase as a dolly for a car seat, travel kennel, golf bag, etc. A 42 liter Alu-Box, the global standard for rugged watertight aluminum cases, straps right to the Frame. On the trail, you can carry any bear canister on the frame shelf under the CoroCase. This frame has been proven over the past 10 years to endure thousands of miles on the PCT, AT, El Camino de Santiago, Philmont Scout Ranch and hundreds of other trails around the world.

Backpack Fits Everyone. The telescoping aluminum frame is held together only by the two shoulder straps. Set the frame as high or as low as you need for optimum comfort. Move it while hiking to shift the load from shoulders to waist. The top and bottom of the shoulder straps also slide horizontally for a perfect fit. Other packs don't do that. The frame fits any torso length from kids to basketball players. The sliding top handle extends to 36 inches so you don't bend over when rolling the MetroWild through the airport. No push buttons, no springs, no detents. No failures. The adjustable Hook Belt comes in two sizes to fit waistlines from 24 to 55 inches. All pieces and parts can be field repaired, replaced, or upgraded. New shoulder straps just loop over the top bar and clip on at the bottom. The CoroCase attaches with four velcro loops.

Reliable, Repairable, Versatile All pieces and parts can be field replaced or upgraded. The frame's sliding top piece can be removed by unclipping the shoulder straps. New shoulder straps just loop over the top bar and clip on at the bottom. The Hook Belt is independent from the Frame. The CoroCase attaches with four velcro loops. The CoroCase Lid can be used as a bowl or washbasin or kids sand bucket at the beach. You can insert the Wheel Kit into the Frame anytime you get to pavement and take the load off your legs for a while.

Drink Cooler. Need some cold drinks during your urban or wilderness travels?... fill the corocase with ice and drinks. The MetroWild™ CoroCase is a hard sided case made from hollow corrugated plastic. It is so strong you can sit down on top of your cooler and take a break anytime.

Rolling Advertising. Don't like the white color?... the CoroCase comes off the frame with four velcro tabs and you can spray paint it any color or pattern you like. Or add your own advertising designs or logo decals. Or carry a Sharpie and get all your trail buddies to autograph it! The CoroCase has no humps or bumps inside. Internal dimensions of the corocase are a fully rectangular 20-1/2 by 13-1/4 by 6-3/4 inches. The biggest notebook computer or projector will fit inside and be totally protected.
Touch to read the entire Review: "I cannot recommend this pack enough. As a Scoutmaster for ten years I had an opportunity to try and to see all sorts of external and internal frame packs. This is the best, hands down, in every category. Why do I love this pack – Comfortable. No other pack is nearly as comfortable as this. I loaned the pack to my son’s girlfriend for her first backpacking trip ever – they came back engaged!! At Philmont last spring... " Tom L. September 2014
Belt or No Belt. A long distance backpacker needs a pack with a good weight-bearing waist belt to carry big 30-40 pound loads in comfort. But waist belts are so annoying when the pack is on the ground or in the overhead bin. The MetroWild™ is different, it has no waist belt flopping around. The unique Hook Belt is not attached to the frame. You can leave it on all day long... perfectly adjusted. The bottom frame rail sets into the big plastic hook right over your lumbar curve and directs all the weight directly to your legs, not down your fragile spine with bulky hot shoulder straps. The Hook Belt also works when the Wheel Kit is attached. You can stow the Hook Belt inside the CoroCase when you don't need it.

Super Comfortable Your back sits against the smooth, cool, CoroCase. Totally ventilated. It feels just like you're sitting in a comfortable dining chair. No thick, hot, sweaty padding. You can put your down jacket on over the Hook Belt and still easily hook the frame on and off. And the down jacket will stay lofted, not smashed flat like all other packs do. If you want weight on your shoulders you can tighten the shoulder straps and take the load off your hips for a few miles. If you pack up a little heavy on one side, you can rotate the Hook Belt to get the packed weight centered and balanced.

Changeable Capacity. For more capacity when flying, add a fabric gear cylinder. To pass the carry-on size check, pop the gear cylinder off the frame (two velcro loops) and tell the attendant it's your purse/diaper bag/sample case/etc. If you're walking through the airport or hotel and you need both hands free to send a text, you can slip the MetroWild over your shoulders like a regular backpack.

Made in the USA. Hand made in Texas using USA made parts including Easton aluminum, Velcro® straps and 100% recyclable Coroplast. 30 day free trial and Lifetime Warranty.